Savannah, Georgia–a place of many surprises.

St. Bonaventure Cemetery

St. Bonaventure Cemetery

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This baptismal fount is in front of the Savannah Cathedral, St. John the Baptist.

This baptismal fount is in front of the Savannah Cathedral, St. John the Baptist.

The other pictures are also taken in Savannah including an Art Museum showing the big impact the arts currently have in Savannah with the growth of the Savannah School of Art and Design, a picture of a presentation at Book Lady bookstore, a convention of Golden Retrievers at St. Bonaventure–yes, the city has its eccentricities, and Linda and I visiting Savannah’s Cathedral, St. John the Baptist where we have, during our travels and in our family tradition, lighted votive candles in prayers for our children and other concerns.  I loved the use of the Celtic Cross which was at the bottom of the baptismal basin.  We also took in some music in Savannah attending its annual music festival that featured a world-class Kora player from Mali, Ballake Sissoko, accompanied with a German cellist,  Vincent Segal.  They played hauntingly beautiful music of their own compositions. They were double-billed with a Cajun and Creole band led by Cedric Watson, Dirk Powell and a wonderful harpist from Seattle.  It was a great and lively evening of music.  For a review check out:

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