Cedar Key, Florida

John Muir may have rested under this Live Oak in 1867-68.

John Muir may have rested under this Live Oak in 1867-68.

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While at Cedar Key Linda and I were hosted by a family that owns property on Hodgson Hill. The Live Oaks there were likely present when John Muir was recuperating from malaria in late 1867 and early, Jan. 1868. I read a passage from Muir’s journal to this couple that owns the property. They were moved to tears by the experience. It was delightful to discover a gopher turtle living at the base of the oak. Muir would have loved it. Linda and I were recipients of Southern hospitality as was Muir. We were treated to a lunch at the property owner’s home. You can see the spread and a picture of the gathering above. I also gave a presentation of Muir’s book at the Cedar Key public Library just down the street from Parson’s General Store which Muir used to buy citrus due to his malarial cravings. There was a standing room only crowd of enthusiastic attendees. Afterwards, we went to the Historical Society dinner. I, like Muir, discovered the genuine delights of Southern hospitality. It was a great day finished off with dessert and coffee at the Island Hotel and Restaurant, previously, Parson’s General Store. I shared a poem I wrote about my dining experience in 2007 when I did research and dined alone at the Hotel. The Hotel has posted it, for a time, on its website: http://www.islandhotel-cedarkey.com
All in all, Linda and I immensely enjoyed our time in Cedar Key, Florida. It is a delightful, laid back Gulf town.

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    For the poem written at Cedar Key check out Island Hotel and Restaurant’s Facebook page.

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