University of Georgia, Griffin

Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 071 Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 080 Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 082 Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 066 Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 059Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 083Southern Book Tour, March 10-28, 2013 068

One of the delights of a book tour is meeting new people, sharing your enthusiasm about John Muir and finding some delightful restaurants and Museums. These photos were taken in Griffin, Georgia. I was invited to an evening lecture series but had the day to explore central Florida. Linda and I had lunch at Barnstormer’s Grill which had a flying museum adjacent to the very fine restaurant. The private museum financed by a former Delta pilot had a classic car collection, bi-planes and 1920’s airplanes all of which worked and could fly. It was a bit cold, otherwise we would have gone up into the wild blue yonder. Linda put a couple of quarters into a functional player piano and we danced away to “Yakity Yak.” Fun! We also visited a garden that we learned about in a local radio interview. It was delightful to hear the bird calls and actually see flowering forsythia, tulips, cherry blossoms, daffodils and pansies. This was a great treat after our long winter in which ice is still melting in our back yard in Spokane. The speaking event went very well and was followed by a wonderful dinner and even more delightful conversation from our UGA at Griffin hosts. Excellent conversations about cultural differences, race, politics and life. The little town has a huge Baptist Church at the heart of the town. It has about 59% Afro-American and 41% white. School leaders are determined to assist their high school students to engage in travel so as to help them meet a goal of equipping them to get into college. So far it seems to be working, but economic pressures make these initiatives difficult.

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