Book Tour Newbie, First Days

Thanks Kathie Bennet for setting up this wonderful tour through Georgia and Florida.

Thanks Kathie Bennet for setting up this wonderful tour through Georgia and Florida.

The first few days involved meeting Kathie Bennet, a very helpful contact who arranged our visits throughout Georgia and Florida. After recovering from daylight saving’s time and three hour jet lag, we went to Mercer University Press to meet with my editor, Mark Jolley, Marshall Luttrell and Mary Beth Kowolski. The Press is located on Orange Street and a home stuffed with books and delightful conversation and friendship. We got our large posters there and three boxes of books. Our hotel was the Wingate in Macon. Weather got a little rainy. We visited a lovely three story mansion with marvelous interior designed such as a pre-airconditioning airconditioning system and central heating before coal and oil called the Hay home kept up by the Georgia Historical Trust. In the evening after a dinner with members of the Audobon Society we went to our venue at the Museum of Arts and Culture. Doors were locked and I held an informal seminar with my John Muir’s Route poster under the eve of the entrance until the Director showed up with the keys. It was an experience of adaptability and flexibility. The lecture/reading went quite well, lots of good questions and fine feedback. Mercer University Press sold their books. All in all it was an eventful first day.

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